The Perfect Tennessee Weekend Getaway

Did you know there are amazing hikes in middle Tennessee?  Between Nashville and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park there are a lot of country roads.  Country roads I thought had nothing on them.  I was so wrong.  One of our favorite getaways ever has been to middle Tennessee.  We were there for 3 days and it was amazing.  We visited two of the most beautiful waterfalls and stayed in the coziest Airbnb we have ever been to.  And we barely spent any money.  We left our home around midnight on a Thursday.  We drive through the night because we have a toddler. My daughters and I sleep through the night and wake up in a new place.  We spent 2 nights and then drove home late Sunday evening.  

First Stop: Chattanooga

This is a sweet little city.  We stop at the cutest breakfast spot called Milk and Honey.  I think I mentioned this in my Nashville post.  They have a couple locations in Tennessee.  My husband usually takes a power nap in the car at this point while we spend some time eating breakfast.  Next we walked the beautiful Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge. It has beautiful views of the city.  By the bridge is a fun little park for kids with a carousel.  We were there pretty early in the morning so not too much was open.  We walked to a couple wall murals and around the area.  We at stopped at the local Whole Foods to get snacks and food to cook for the next couple nights. 

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Second Stop: Wheeler’s Orchard

After Chattanooga we made a quick stop a the cutest apple orchard called Wheeler’s Orchard.  It is about a 1 hour drive from the city. It is open from August to December for apple picking. For about 3 dollars you can pick 10-20 apples.  You buy whatever size bag you want and fill it up.  It was so fun walking around the property finding apples with the kids.  They also make fresh apple cider that is delicious.  

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Wheeler’s Orchard

Third Stop: Savage Gulf Natural Area

This is about a 15 minutes from the apple orchard. We had lunch at the picnic tables by the parking area.  We then hiked the 1 1/2 mile hike to Savage Falls.  This was an easy hike and very well maintained.  You walk over really cool suspended brides to the trail. The waterfall at the end is beautiful.  There was no one else on the trail.  You can easily swim in the area around the waterfall and under it.  It was an amazing place. There are other trails that will take you to Rattlesnake Point and North Rim Trail from this same trailhead. I read that this trail was temporarily closed due to damaging weather blocking the trail. It has been cleared now but you can still see the damage to the forest.

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Savage Falls

Fourth Stop: Glamping at Deer Camp

This is an amazing Airbnb!  It is one of the cutest cabin we have every stayed in.  The main building has a bed with a tv and air conditioning and a fireplace with an outdoor kitchen and seating area.  There is another building with a super cool outdoor shower and toilet.  They have an amazing fire pit area.  The hosts had a fire going when we got there.  The outdoor kitchen has everything you need to make a whole meal.  They even provide ice and cooler for you.  This is one of our favorite places we have ever stayed. Click here to book this Airbnb.

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Deer Camp

Fifth Stop: Fiery Gizzard Trail

Located in Tracy City in South Cumberland State Park.  The entire trail is 12.5 miles and rated as difficult.  We only hiked about 2 miles to Sycamore Falls.  This is a great swimming hole.  It was a really beautiful spot.  We ate lunch and swam in the water then headed back to the trailhead.

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Sycamore Falls

Sixth Stop: Nashville

None of our Tennessee trips are complete without a stop in Nashville.  Nashville was only about 1 1/2 hours from the Deer Camp.  For all of our favorite Nashville stops click here.  We drove in that morning and spent the day there, and left late evening to head home.  

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Flower Wall 12-South: Nashville

We squeezed this amazing getaway into 3 days.  I could definitely spend more time at each of these places.  We found out about this area on YouTube the week before and knew we needed to go. It definitely did not disappoint. All of our favorite waterfalls or hikes have always been so far away. Finally we found some hiking within driving distance. There is definitely still more we need to see in this area.

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